Monday, October 5, 2009

October Already?

Hello everyone. Just wanted to update everyone as to whats going on in Trinidad. My mom had to take my grandma Garduno to the hospital last week. She was having trouble breathing and getting dizzy spells which are not good things. The hospital down here did nothing to help or diagnose her condition, so my mom decided to get after her brothers to take responsibility and take her to the hospital in Pueblo. Turns out she has Sarcoidosis. Apparently this condition causes to enlarge her lymph nodes in her chest and press on her lungs...causing her to loose her breath and get dizzy spells. All it took was an x-ray to figure it out. Good news though, she will be fine.

Leola had a hair show in Denver two weekends ago. I got lucky enough to go with her. She had a great time learning about all the products and equipment that go along with being a cosmetologist. And I got to learn about how expensive being a cosmetologist is. Fortunately, she is good at what she does, so I dont mind getting her all of the good stuff. I didnt get to go to the show personally (because the cost was $100 at the door) but I got to spend time with my Uncle Bob and Aunt Ida. They took us to Casa Bonita for dinner which was cool. The food was so-so, but the cool thing was that the restaurant had an arcade, haunted house, gift store, and cliff divers. couldnt pay me enough to jump off a cliff and into a wading pool.

Last weekend Leola took my mom back to Rio Rancho because she didnt want my mom driving on three (maybe, give or take) hours of sleep in two days. I spent the week by myself. Let me tell you, I thought being alone for a couple of days would be cool; a welcomed break. But I was lost without Leola. I was bored out of my mind! I didnt have my best friend here to talk to me. I went down to pick her up Friday night and spent the weekend with family and check out all the hot-air balloons in the sky. By the way, Leola and mom cheat at Rummy. My dad and I were crushed, but only because we are honest players! Ha!

Anyway, until next time. God Bless!


  1. Thank God that someone recognizes the cheating power of women. It was amazing what they think that they can get away with. Oh well, I guess it comes with the tolerence of marriage? Well...welcome to my world!

  2. Hi,

    Glad to hear that your Grandma is going to be okay. I got a pedicure today, Leola first time in my life. That is a good pic of all of you in Rio Rancho. Luv ya.