Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good News Among a Series of Bad

Hello everyone. I just thought I would put my thoughts and feelings down before I put up another mini sermon. I've been seeing a lot lately that there are many downfalls and hardships affecting us and those close to us. I do not know why this is happening all at once - although, I can only assume it's Satan trying his hardest to pull us away from the will of God - but I do know that it will only come more and more. Like labor pains of a mother getting ready to give birth to her child, so are the trials of this world: slow and unpredictable at first then faster and faster (albeit none less painful but more) until the fruition of the coming of Jesus.

I've said before that my dad has been diagnosed with cancer. He had to go through a biopsy the other day to give him the medical diagnosis of cancer before he can be put on the transplant list. He had complications after the surgery and, well, it was not good. My grandma went through cataract surgery the other day. My grandpa may have had a stroke. My other grandma had a heart attack and a mini stroke. The list goes on and on.

The good news is my dad made it through and was released from the hospital yesterday. My grandma recovered from her surgery. My grandpa did not have a stroke but the doctors suspected it was a symptom of his Alzheimer's disease. My other grandma pulled through and is regaining strength on her right side and is staying up all day now in spite of her 96 years. As far as the other things, God has really pulled us through and showed His awesome power.

Here is my conclusion: DO NOT DOUBT THE POWER OF PRAYER! By prayer my family was able to make it through their infirmities and troubles with minimal issues. By God answering our prayers, He has taught me an important lesson: that through our prayers we are building on our relationship with Him and as a result, the hardships that come our way are not all that bad anymore. Because He is guiding us through the fire!

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