Friday, July 15, 2011

God Is Great

Hello everyone. I know its been a while, but considering the circumstances, I think I am excused from blogging for a while. Hehe. Just a little update of how things are going in our lives.

My last post said that my dad was fourth on the regional list for a liver transplant. Well, that has come and gone, thank God. He was on the list for only 5 (or maybe less) weeks before he got the call. Six hours and many, many answered prayers later, I was told that my dad made it through with minimal complications. He had to go back into surgery two weeks after his transplant to fix some leaks on one of his major veins coming from his liver. But, he's doing fine and just as "dad" as usual. If I ever get the chance to meet the family of the young woman who decided to be an organ donor, I would like to tell them what a blessing she was to my family.

I found out that I have an overactive thyroid gland. Hyperthyroidism as they say. The condition is where your thyroid makes hormones and those hormones increase the number of mitochondria in your cells, thereby raising your basal metabolic rate. This explains my excessive weight loss, fatigue and other symptoms. But...theres more. The doctors think my brain is missing a marker thats supposed to tell my thyroid to stop producing thyroxine. They think I may have whats called Graves' Disease. An autoimmune disease. Look it up.

Other than that, we are going great. Keep praying for us, as we all could use it. If you have any prayer requests, leave them in the comment box and we'll lift them up for you. Hope you all are going well. Here are some pics that you might like.

Remember: John 16:33 NKJV



  1. Love the pic of Leola and Kambrie. Keeping you guys in our prayers. Can hardly wait to see you in Sept.

  2. Its a great picture, no? I'm not sure why this pictures double posted but they did. September is coming soon!

  3. Leola! I haven't heard from you in so long. How are you doing?? It looks like you're doing well! Get in touch with me via email so we can swap numbers and catch up!