Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good day to be home

Hello everyone. I'm home today and it's a great day to be here. It's wanting to snow outside but can't decide if it is going to or not. Colorado weather - hot one moment, snowy the next.

I just thought I would post a little something today since I haven't in a while. My in-laws came over last weekend to have an early CHRISTmas dinner because Leola's dad is working then. Good money. Kambrie got a really neat book that talks when you open it. It's Grandma Sandi reading the story to her and she also got a lullaby CD from Grandpa Barry. It was a good weekend.

We got Kambrie's ears pierced over Thanksgiving weekend. She looks even more adorable (even though I find it impossible to make her more beautiful). She finally made it to three months old on Tuesday! She is finally starting to cute! Here is a video (for some reason, it's sideways, but you'll get the picture).

Uncle Daniel, Kambrie is taking after you with the drool!

Have a great day, will post soon!

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