Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day

Hey hey. It's been a while since I was on last so I thought I would let you all know whats going on up where we're at. I'm into my second full week at my new job and I realize now that it's not all bad. I'm in the rent-to-own business, so the hardest part of my job is that I have to go to customer's homes and ask them when we can expect them in to make a payment. Some people do not like that we go to their homes and "harrass" them. I am a mellow, almost too kind of a person by nature, so I have a hard time dealing with the occasional unruly customer. So far, the benefits of this new job outweigh the negatives. I like to help people so I think this will work out for Leola and I in the long run.

Last Tuesday was my birthday. Hooray. Usually I tell everyone and their grandma's that my birthday is coming up, lol, just to see if I'd get anything from anyone. This year it was a little different. It just seemed like any other day. I almost forgot that it was my birthday until Leola reminded me of it haha. This birthday will be one that I remember because when you spend a special day with someone you love and without gifts that distract you, you're day becomes even more special. But I want to thank all of you who called or sent me a message on Facebook to wish me a happy birthday. Bonus: Leola made me a birthday pie. The best pie I've ever had.

As far as Thanksgiving Day, Leola and I decided to have our own dinner at our place. My grandma invited us over but my aunt and uncle are coming down, and instead of making dinner they are going to order it because they have to work the day before and after the holiday. I'd rather stick to the tradition of cooking, and it would be cheaper for them if we would have our own. I also think its time we start traditions of our own, and still continue with the old.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving this year, and I'll put some pictures up once I get a chance. Happy Turkey day, and God bless.

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  1. Have a great day. Grandpa, Sam and I will be cooking tomorrow. I have hard time chopping vegetables and opening jars and cans so that will be their job. We are having a rotisserie chicken from the deli at the grocery store and all the usual turkey trimmings.